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Condition of Illusion

Peter Gidal
30mins Colour 16mm

Condition of Illusion

In Conditions of Illusion what is not achieved is the stabilisation of repoduction into the terms of a representation: effectively, the materials of reproduction that are engaged by the film are not stablisied into a representation (the photograph given precisely as holdable moment, why else a photograph if not for that?)

"The distinction between reproduction and representation is important though difficult. In a sense all the films of yours that I have seen are full of the materials of reproduction held off of - not fixed into - representation. Duration and narrative thus come apart, narrative being exactly fixing, stabilisation. In the phrase 'reproduction of reality' reality itself means a specific set of reproduced reproducible representations, positions, stabilities, clarities. Representation is a series of positions for the specatator to a certain clarity of position and meaning. In Conditions of Illusion nothing is held into a representation."

Stephen Heath in conversation with Peter Gidal, Cambridge Tapes on Narrative, 1978.

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