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Ruth Novaczek
The 1and 2 series was conceived in relation to pop songs that would be equally at home within the context of gallery or cinema.

They work as visual poems reminiscent of Haiku, each possessing the discipline of structure and content within one formal entity. Novaczek talks about a wall of sound, but these works are not impenetrable, there is a sharpness of observation that in previous works occasionally gets lost within the plenitude of material. In these works elements become discernible as colours within a mass of pebbles or bricks in a wall, meaning builds through association and rhythm, when placed in the gallery the inherent resonance of each piece builds further.

With the advent of computer editing sound can be sampled in much the same way as an image. Novaczek is able to tease out elements from her mass of material to isolate and remould. Her incessant camera movement and eclectic use of imagery is woven into new forms through digital technology. The ease and speed this new technology offers often results in work that is over long and formless. However, Novaczek seems to have arrived - the technology giving her a confidence and access to pin point her concerns with a formal and philosophical clarity that is lacking in much contemporary work.

Alia Syed
till from Series 1 & 2 by Ruth Novaczek, 1999/2000
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