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Ruth Novaczek
3.5 mins Colour DVD


''My clothes were all wrong'' is a recurring line in this film, where old and new worlds collide and fragment in a personal narrative lost in a noir-esque world post 9-11. New York City and Venice Italy are the site of two realities in this bi-polar reflection on 21st century identity. (Ruth Novaczek)

Sense begins to explore the tension between old and new world on the visual level as well. We skip continents to Venice, a watery subterranean dreamscape that is itself a mythic landscape - within European cinema a classically doomed site of fear and death, from Death in Venice to Don't Look Now. The jump from the scary urban wastelands, lakes, roads and dark woods of every noir-esque American film we've ever seen to an old world sinking into its watery grave works strangely well: both spaces live side by side deep within our psyche.
Rosie Thomas, extract from 'Growing Up In Americana', for upcoming (October '05) edition of Next Level Magazine

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