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Sandra Lahire bibliography

Published Articles on Film

1997 REZO (French magazine) Simonetta Cargioli on Lady Lazarus
1996 Boiling, Jo Buxton on Arrows
1996 Directory of British Film and Video, article by Jo Comino
1991 Sight and Sound, Lizzie Francke on Lady Lazarus
1991 Financial Times, Nigel Andrews on Lady Lazarus
1990 Monthly Film Bulletin, Pam Cook on Serpent River.
1990 Videographic Magazine, Steve Bode on Serpent River.
1990 City Limits, Rose Jennings on Serpent River.
1988 Independent Media, Michael Maziere, onSerpent River.
1988 Independent Media, Michael O'Pray on Uranium Hex.
1987 Independent Media, Julia Knight on Plutonium Blonde, Uranium Hex, Terminals.
1987 Independent Media, Sean Cubitt on Plutonium Blonde.
1987 The Voice, Karen Alexander on Plutonium Blonde.
1987 Spare Rib, Sue Murphy on Plutonium Blonde.
1987 City Limits, Felicity Sparrow on Plutonium Blonde.
1986 Undercut, Paul Wallace on Arrows.
1984 AND (Art Magazine) on Arrows.

Own Articles Published

1991 The Guardian, letter in response to Catherine Bennet's letter on Lady Lazarus.
1991 Undercut on Lis Rhodes film A Cold Draft.
1987 Visibly Female, (ed) Hilary Robinson, chapter on 'Lesbians in Media Education. An edited version published in Undercut 1987.

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