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Loves Secret

Sarah Miles
19 mins 20sec Colour 16mm

Loves Secret

A cartoon in which the masquerade of femininity is threatened by falling in love.

'The film is layered with references to the culture of love: the cinematic convention of romance;pop music; myth; comics;poetry in an exploration of the term abandonment.

Susan and Jeffrey's narratives crash and unravel against the backdrop of Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne, an image of human beauty created by longing. There is transcendent seduction and poetic reconciliation through the exploration of the terms blue, invisible and love.

Girl meets boy he knocks her off her bike by accident. Chance encounters being propitious to romance they fall in love. Girl loses boy he becomes invisible. Girl is beside herself. She searches for him. She descends to the depths of her being. When she finds the way back to herself boy reappears. They are reunited. They live happily ever after, or not.

Loves Secret is less about a relationship than it is the hallucinated projection of the feelings that surround a relationship. In effect the secret of love is that it can only exist in an hallucinatory space where fantasy and reality past and present dream and memory are indistinct in other words space that is always only to be recalled.
'In and Out of the Blue', Maria Walsh, ACE 1990 & issue 33

Lighting Camera Seamus McGarvey, Editor: Gabriele Enis
Stills: John Miles
Premiere: British Short Film Festival London, Commission: ACE/ C4 (Experimenta)
Broadcast: C4, Festivals: Tel Aviv Jerusalem single screen installation at Levi's gallery London

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