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Soul Searching

Sarah Miles
15mins Colour SVHS
Yolande Brener, Fiona Denison

Soul Searching

Golden Syrup attempt to record the numinous phenomena soul established as a principle of uncertainty.

'The trend is to reduce everything to things that could be made manifest so you could handle them and deal with them. There is a distinction between the manifest and the subtle. The manifest is what you hold in your hand and the subtle is the delicate, the undefinable. You could say there is an ecological crisis but ecology runs by itself, the crisis is in human beings. There is a dimension beyond the individual, the social and the cultural people have to pay attention to,' David Bohm 1990.

Camera: Yolande Brener, Sarah Miles, and Clare Muller
Featuring: Golden Syrup, David Bohm, Dick Hebdige and others
Funding: ACE

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