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Stages of Mourning

Sarah Pucill
19 mins colour 16mm and video

Stages of Mourning

Ritualised through performance to camera, Stages of Mourning is Pucill's journey of bereavement. In as much as this is a meditation on coming to terms with loss, the film is an exploration of how our relationship with the dead is made different through film. The artist orders image fragments of her late lover and collaborator, Sandra Lahire. By trying to physically immerse herself into photographs and film footage or by restaging these, Pucill forms a continuous stream of a life of two lovers. Through this doubling and layering, illusions accumulate as if these were a product of a machine that didn't stop.

Camera:Sarah Pucill
Camera assistance: Chloe Stewart and Tanya Syed
Performers: Sarah Pucill and Sandra Lahire
Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council

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