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Stuart Croft bibliography


'The Bermuda Triangle', preview: Nojesguiden, Stockholm, Sep.
'But Is It Art?', Y. Singh,Camcorder User, London, Sep.
'Cutting Edge…', review, I. O'Rorke,The Independent, London, 8 Jul.
'Choice: NWUK', preview, H Sumpter, Evening Standard, London, 2 Jul.
essay: exh. cat: MA Degree Show, Sasha Craddock, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London

'Projection/The Everlasting', review, Martin Herbert, Time Out, London, 22-29 Oct.
'The Everlasting',Architectural Association Magazine, 02, London, 18-29 Oct.
'Projection', E. Smith, Art Monthly, no. 230, London, Oct.
'Zauberhaft', P. Ellis, Flash Art, Milan, Oct.
Exh. cat: 'Zauberhaft', pub. Brose/Eiermann, Dresden, Germany
Exh. cat: '1999 European Media Art Festival', pub. EMAF, ösnabruck, Germany
'Club Europa', S Ellis, Evening Standard, London, 11 Feb.
'Club Europa', G Dalton, AN Magazine, Newcastle, Feb.

'Wasteland Works',O Fast, Fido TV, Hunter College Galleries, City University, New York City
'The Parallax Hotel', R Zamudio, New York Independent Art Fair, New York City
'Brixton Says No to Crack & Smack', J Ingledew, Sound, Issue 3, London, Oct.
'Loveless', L Wilson, TheGalleryChannel.Com, Mar.
'Loveless', S Conway, Great Magazine, no. 28, The Photographers' Gallery, London, Feb.-Mar.

'All We Need Is A Preacher and a Motel', P Huttner, Triangle France, Marseille
'Dead Happy', Sasha Craddock, London
'Dead Happy', Sally O'Reilly, Time Out, 14.11-21.11.01
'Dead Happy', C Kinsman, Evening Standard, London, 1.11.01
'Nightlife - Don't Go To Work', London Weekend Television, tx: 14.09.01 (interview)
'Choice: Don't Go to Work', H Sumpter, Evening Standard, London, 3 Aug.
'Dead Happy', S Palmer, AN Magazine, Newcastle, Nov.

'Rococo 55', R Ibbeson, Flux Magazine, Manchester, Dec.
'Rococo 55', Time Out, London, 27.11.02 – 04.12.02
'Art + Mountains',H Sumpter, The Big Issue, London, Sept.
'Rococo 55', B Haines, pub. Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London
'Emma Bennett/Stuart Croft', S Kyriacou, Contemporary Magazine, London, Nov.
'Emma Bennett/Stuart Croft', H Shuckburgh, Art Preview, London, Nov.
'Emma Bennett/Stuart Croft', M Verhagen, Art Review, London, Dec.
'Potential Hits', Jessica Lack, The Guardian, London, 26.10.02
'Potential Hits', P Black, Flash Art, Milan, Oct.
'Moebius Trip: The Loss Leader', R Zamudio, NY ARTS Magazine, New York, Jan.

2003     exh. cat: 'Stuart Croft: Hit', David Thorp. Rhodes + Mann, London
'Stuart Croft: Hit', Sarah Kent, Time Out, London, 3.12.03 – 10.12.03
'Stuart Croft: Hit', F Guner, Metro, London, 19.11.03
'Stuart Croft: Hit', H Anderson, Evening Standard, London, 7.11.03, 11.12.03, 18.12.03
'One thing to see this week', The Guardian, G2 section, London, 17.05.03

'Stuart Croft: Hit', Martin Herbert, Artforum, New York, Apr.
'I'm Dreaming of the Future', Flux Magazine, Manchester, issue 65
'Hit', Richard Dyer, Contemporary Magazine, London, Feb.

'Unterschwellige Erotik der Dinge. Neues aus der Videokunst in einer Ausstellung bei Ulrich Fiedler', C Funke, Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger, Cologne, 08.04.05
'Video Fair or Video Fare?', R Zamudio, Contemporary Magazine, London, no 73


'It's a Kind of Magic', Adrian Searle The Guardian, London, 16th January
Stuart Croft', Helen Sumpter, Time Out, London, Jan 25th - February 1st
Critic's Pick of the Week: 'Stuart Croft: Century City', The Guardian (Guide), London, 21st - 27th January
'Stuart Croft: Century City', Fisun Gruner, Metro, London, 13th January
'Stuart Croft: Century City', Jessica Lack, The Guardian (Guide), London, 7th - 13th January.
'Stuart Croft', Kultureflash, issue 150, online, 2nd - 8th February
'Stuart Croft: Century City',Tom Morris, AN Magazine, March
'Stuart Croft: Century City', Jessica Lack, I-D Magazine, Feb


Brown, C./Allen, K. - interview: 'Five Questions' , Liverpool Metro, 19.09.07 (illus)


Thatcher, J. - review: 'Stuart Croft: Drive In', Art Monthly, issue 318, July-August (illus)

Review: 'Stuart Croft: Drive In', Kultureflash, issue 252, online, 10.07.08 - 16.07.09

Zuvela, D. - review: 'Making Art Out of Hollywood', Realtime, online, issue 86, Aug-Sept

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