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Several Small Fires

Stuart Croft
Colour S8mm/16mm/DV
Gallery Loop

Several Small Fires

A series of fake commercials made for non-existent products.

These include 'Stare' - a male perfume; 'Arcadia' - a sleeping pill, and 'Newman' - a brand of high quality chocolate. None of them are particularly convincing and they stand as barely concealed, fake readymades that allude to desire, violence, beauty and sleep.

The works make reference to classic modes of artist film-making and to art history. They are very short and shot spontaneously with little preproduction time, in contrast to the artist's larger scale film projects.

Co-Producers: Stuart Croft, Emma Bennett
Cast: Paul Fuller, Emma Bennett, Sebastian Roach
Director of Photography: Stuart Croft, Zillah Bowes
Music: Gareth Bennett, Stuart Croft
Editor: Stuart Croft

Supported by: Flux Magazine, Fred [London] Ltd

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