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A Beginners Guide To Self-Promotion
Benjamin Cook
A Beginners Guide to Self-Promotion
What kind of work do you make? How would you answer this? It's important to think about your practice as a whole.

You need a clear idea of the themes that you are exploring and the way you work as well as a sense of direction and progress in your overall body of work. Be able to express this clearly and succinctly. This helps your audience make sense of individual works, where you are in your artistic career and most importantly where you are going. It's helpful to think about artists and works that inspire you, you can then use this as shorthand introduction to your work, allowing people to quickly place it within other artworks they may already know about. Most people do not have an in-depth knowledge of artists' film and video so it may also be useful to also think about and describe your work in terms of other visual arts mediums. Most artists believe it is important to reassert the fact that they are not 'filmmakers' working specifically within the medium of film but rather artists that have chosen to use the medium of film to express a particular idea. This is an important distinction which will set you apart from more 'traditional filmmakers'. For example Ian Breakwell an artist on this site who works across media from film to painting, writing and performance is clear that he uses whatever medium is most suitable to communicate his ideas.

Still from Continuous Diary by Ian Breakwell, 1984
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