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Crank That Camera
Crank that Camera
Bolex does a reflex and non-reflex clockwork camera that normally has a 3-lens turret camera.

The non-reflex is mechanically identical to the reflex, and is normally a lot cheaper and gives good results technically. Purist boffins may scoff, but we like them fine! They all move 16mm film through a camera and past a lens, and that is what counts! Bell and Howell cameras (DX 70) aka 'the bowling ball' are non-reflex news reporting cameras more common in the states than here, but are sturdy and robust clockwork cameras with a 3 lens turret and side view finder attached. Beaulieu - The 'Rolls Royce' of small 16mm cameras that are battery operated from the pistol grip with 3 lenses as well. Generally more expensive but you get a longer continuos shot with the battery driven motor as opposed to a 40 second wind-up. Arriflex ST - 3-turret camera that can be hand held. Battery pack power, status approaching professional... must dash! Misc. 'Antique cameras such as Ensign, Keystone, etc are around and can be experimented with by the... experimental filmmaker!

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