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Crank That Camera
Crank that Camera
We will again deal with a few stocks that are fairly generic in their use and appeal.

Many varieties are available (see stock shop Blanx now mail order or direct from Kodak) but these will get you started. And... Tungsten means used with indoor lighting; Daylight - does exactly what it says on the can.


Neg. stocks 7231 Plus X B&W for daytime outdoor 80 / 64 asa good all rounder low grain rich tones
7222 Double X B&W for indoor and low light conditions 250/200 ASA as above but slightly grainier
7245 colour negative good colour tones in daylight settings
7279 colour neg. for indoor and low light conditions
Reversal stocks are available in Black and white and colour, but are getting more difficult to be developed in the UK. Plus it is and original so no reprints from a neg.!


Print Stock Kodak Hi - Contrast is a favourite with the experimental film person in that it can be developed under red safelight and so you can see what you are printing. And when used with a universal developer gives more of a contrast range in the print. It is very slow in film speed (approx. 8 ASA!) It can be used in the camera, but results in contrasty orthochromatic images once printed (i.e. reds turn black so wear pancake makeup!)

Various Film Stocks
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