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Dev And Print
Dev and Print
The 'Russian Tank'

These are much sought after Bakelite containers that resemble land mines, but actually contain a plastic spiral onto which you can load both you neg. and print stocks for developing.They take 30' of 16mm film approx. for the smaller ones and 100' for the big ones. The film is loaded onto this spindle by attaching the film to the middle and slowly spinning it like a top until it is all wound onto the spiral grooves ready for developing. But practice with some scrap film in daylight a few times until you get the hang of it. Spindles loaded with print stock can be used in 3 buckets with the appropriate chemicals which again makes it easier to see your results as you go along. But wear an apron, and don't forget those rubber gloves.

The 'Inspector' Morse tank

Christened so because it took some figuring out the first time we used it. Film is wound on to a spindle (of course) but it is attached to another spindle in the tank, and then the film is wound back and forth in a smooth and orderly fashion for what seems like an interminable amount of time. It gives good clean results for the patient and you can do a whole 100' roll in one go. Inspectors' note: by adding water for a pre-rinse before the developer was added made the developing more even as the film was them already wetted and willing to receive the developer, and this also avoided the film sticking together.

Exposed film envelopes
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