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Dev And Print
Dev and Print
No Camera? No worry, no cry! You can still make film without it. In fact, the tape splicer is the number one item to set your sites on if you are serious about putting films together.

Clear and Black Leader Techniques:

These are available at PEC on Dean Street but only large quantities at a time so... club together. Old film can be bleached to clear the entire image but you will get a 'rougher' used surface to work on. Labs will sometime let you have black leader from overexposed prints if you ask nicely. On these surfaces you can create a surface by: Drawing: marker pens, inks, etc.
Scratching: pins, nails sandpaper
Bleaching: partial or entire bleaching (result:clear stock). Brushing it on, droplets, toothbrush 'spritz' all give differing results. Wear gloves and an apron or you may end up resembling your film surface! And remember to dry the film after any wet process.
Dying: Anything you have worked on can be dyed using fabric dyes mixed up in a bucket (natch!) and submerged until the desired saturation is achieved. All the clear areas will turn colour.

Shadow play:

Found footage is a favourite starting point. This can be re-edited, drawn on, bleached, dyed, letrasetted scratched, sandpapered, and stomped on to create your own personalised mark making technique and a 'new' moving image. Then printed again onto hi contrast print stock. (see 'Faith' still) Objects. Anything flexible enough to pass through the eye of a projector (or printer) can be used and adhered to film stock. Stan Brackage did it with moth wings... Grass, weeds, hair, skin (!). dust feathers, salt and pepper can all be stuck onto film under splice tape for effect. All of the above objects can also be laid on top of unexposed print stock in the dark room and then exposed to light to leave a shadow impression. Man ray stylie. Obviously you can expand the objects to larger items that couldn't pass through the gate of a projector! Anything that casts an interesting shadow such as bits of screen, wire, fishline. Pins nails sand glass screws pasta (see clip) watch parts ('Timepiece' clip)

Shadow play
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