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Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker
Matt Hulse
Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker
"Technology, driven by commerce and a thirst for efficiency, endlessly attempts to eradicate any lingering traces of humanity from the craft of cinema ... Any personal vision in contemporary moviemaking must now come solely from its content, not its form. The splice has become invisible ..." Taken from Scott Starks essay 'The Middle Six Feet'

So what exactly is it that makes Super 8 so special to me and thousands of other Super 8 film makers? Why choose this particular compact medium over digital?

In contrast to the overwhelming output of the dominant media and a film making community that is happy to call itself 'an industry', Super 8 film making has more often than not been the work of dedicated, passionate individuals who, by taking literal control of the medium, create idiosyncratic, personal, intimate and radical films. Many artists like to get their hands dirty, to handle the medium, and with Super 8 this is possible, right down to hand-processing and printing. For dedicated Super 8 film makers, the words 'enthusiast' and 'craft' are welcomed, for they underpin a way of working and, often, an approach to life.

Sure, DV camcorders have pretty much taken over, heavily marketed as the only affordable 'home movie' medium, but Super 8 is certainly not dead. In fact its reputation as the original, democratising, celluloid film making tool is not only safe, but seems to be growing in stature and influence.

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