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Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker
Matt Hulse
Devoted Super 8 Filmmaker

It seems that most film makers that shoot on Super 8mm these days no longer edit their films using their camera originals, but instead they telecine the material to digital video to make the cut. I could claim that this is a shame, but in fact full-blown Super 8 editing (including the hand-wound viewer that tends to scrape off the film's emulsion) requires supreme effort, tiny fingers, a hardy spine and sharp eyesight. Personally I do not regret its retirement.

However, one should still get hold of a good splicer and splices - I recommend the AGFA F8S automatic - as you may need to do the odd repair, or join 50ft reels together on a 400ft spool, or make film-loops for projection. Again, the Widescreen Centre can help you out.

A good projector is a necessary investment, especially if you're planning to do your own DV telecine work at home (results can be very good if you're patient). Look for the range made by the Austrian company EUMIG, models 624D, 610D and 605D. These are solid, reliable and have multiple projection frame rates (which help with the 'flicker' problem) and take readily available bulbs. Other makes that can be trusted are Bell & Howell and Elmo. These models come up fairly regularly on eBay, but as ever, caution is advised!

A Eumig 605D Projector
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