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Public Places, Private Thoughts
Nicky Hamlyn
Public Places, Private Thoughts
One of the traditional genres within artists' film and video has been the personal narrative.

Sometimes this has taken the form of "psychodrama", films in which the artists appears as him/herself, in a manner which rejects the mediating interpretation of an actor in favour of a direct, and thereby authentic, presentation of the self. But in a number of films the artist's story is told in the form of voice-over. Rather than see the artist in a situation where performance, however spontaneous, necessarily engages with questions of acting-to-camera, we hear their voice and see events, or more often places, that have personal significance for them. The work is thus a way of taking the viewer on a journey through a particular landscape whose perception is framed by the artist's story, by the events that have coloured their, and hence our, attitude to these places.

Still from Faded Wallpaper by Tina Keane, 1988
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