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Sarah Wood
When thinking about short film programming there are a few obvious things to consider.

The first and most obvious thing to think about is length. Should a short film programme last as long as a feature film?

When we first programmed SHORTOMATIC we thought it should. We thought that audiences would demand value for money and be running to the box office, demanding their money back if they didn't get a conventional 90 minute cinema experience. We forgot that a short film programme is a very demanding and engrossing experience.

In 90 minutes you could potentially watch nine 10 minute short films. Each film, if it works well, will take you on a idiosyncratic journey - a whole cinematic experience in itself - which can be moving and thought-provoking: intense in the very nature of its brevity. To watch nine films at the same time is quite hard going. Someone once described it as feeling like you're going inside different people's minds. Taking on board all the intimacy and complexity of that in close proximity is almost overwhelming to an audience. A shorter programme is often far less tiring to an audience and a much better showcase for the work.

Still of Born to Film by Danny Lyon
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