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What is Editing?
Lucy Harris
What is Editing?

Having spent time reviewing the footage and making notes, you are now well prepared to start making the first cuts.

For me there is an emotional arc that occurs and replays itself for every edit. I have experienced this editing my own films and working with other artists. It is as if there is a pause before starting an edit when one has to “face the footage”. Starting to actually cut your footage can seem daunting, as if it will be impossible to find the elegant film that you’ve imagined. But this is the stage where one has to hold one’s nerve, and trust that it will become clearer as you start working. The process changes, a structure becomes apparent, and you naturally become more familiar with the footage simply by looking and fast forwarding through it over and over again.
Remember the other shift that naturally occurs is that, initially everything is a possible shot/sound, but as the film gets it’s shape and rhythm, then what you are searching for becomes more specific and what you have rejected isn’t taking up useful memory space!

Emily Richardson editing on a Steenbeck
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