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tours Insomnia X
Michael Curran
Insomnia X

There! An image of a family standing by a car.

Mum & Dad are Dead.

In a contrasting work, Kotting, the traveller par excellence takes us on a nightmare day out. Smart Alek begins in all the grainy, rainy day dourness of a family super 8 circa 1977.

Captives of our parents' demands we are stuck in the back of the car. We are deep in the black hole of childhood, which Thomas Bernhard speaks of so bitterly:

"People say they had a happy childhood, but it was hell all the same. People falsify everything; they also falsify the childhood they had. They say they had a happy childhood, and yet they lived through hell."

Here an uncontrolled wish comes true. Adolescent resentment seems to unwittingly fuel the chilling and violent outcome.

We are still here. Hoping it will rain soon.

Rifling through sounds, screens, scenes! A mosaic of a nymph feeding a swan. Sandcastle Grotto. Rimstone Pools & Stalagmites. Vista parcial del Convento del Carmen.Now a couple standing by a roulette table. The woman clasps her hands to her chest in excitement. Inscription:

The morning brought strange blooms.
Still from Smart Alek by Andrew K├Âtting, 1993
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