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tours Insomnia X
Michael Curran
Insomnia X

The city never sleeps and we are embraced by a warm evening wind as we drive down the boulevards of Las Vegas. A wedding chapel angel revolves slowly as clouds hang uncertainly in the sky. There's Fun City, the Pioneer Club, the Starlight Ballroom and the Empire Casino. We are hypnotised by an endless chain of neon light. The city sights seem to unfold before us intoxicating our senses. The night is full of possibility as the soft breeze continues to caresses us. Cordelia Swann's Desert Rose unravels a history of Cold War America. We are lulled by a gentle voice, recounting a return trip. Slowly a tale unfolds of the Down winders, of pre-dawn nuclear tests in a forlorn expanse of desert. Mushroom cloud theatre observed from the rooftops of casinos. We hear of the surface of the earth being lifted like a blanket, of a May morning in which a facsimile town is blasted, furniture and home appliances, washing machines and automobiles melting in a nuclear explosion followed by a breakfast of beans and coffee cooked on the irradiated rocks of Doomstown. We are caught in a ghost dance syncopated by the iridescent movements of light, which now suggests an ever-multiplying contamination and the memory of a hot storm of radioactive particles, enveloping the city.

So where to now? I want you to decide.
This view of a lake surrounded by autumn trees won’t do.

I'm tired of reading the map!

Rio de Janero, Turistico. Aspectos do Carnaval Carioca.
Endless thoroughfares and highways, graveyards and fairgrounds.
The Big Wheel in Prater Park.

Still from Desert Rose by Cordelia Swann, 1996
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