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tours Insomnia X
Michael Curran
Insomnia X

One of my favourite cities, Vienna. We have an unexceptional view from out hotel window, a street corner. Due to our late arrival this was the only room available. We have argued so much already that we are now reduced to silence so we observe the city's inhabitants move to and fro, going about their business.

John Smith's Worst Case Scenario in which snapshots of the day to day in a strange city seem to suggest a malign force operating beneath the most banal interactions. People seem at once watchful and suspicious as if wary of an impending accident or preparing to commit a crime. As interpretive beings we constantly seek meaning and where none can be found we are sure to insert it with paranoiac insistence. Each frozen image connects to the next as if moving towards an irrevocable catastrophe. Reality is breaking down.

You mustn't close your eyes.

The Pyramid Fountain, then the Eve Fountain followed by the Fountain of Sylphides. More! All these fountains and monuments, statues and war memorials, tapestries and battlescenes. Then too many bridges, facades and museums. Afterwards several interchangeable images of the sea.

"When the sea rushed in …but I cannot imagine it! For so long I have made a career out of powerlessness that events have become opaque to me … I turn my eyes in on the mind"
Still from Worst Case Scenario by John Smith, 2001-3
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