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New Thoughts On Old Things

[3] Sarah Miles Amaeru Fallout 1972 (1997)

PJ Harvey was one of my poster-girls of the mid-90s. She started out as a Captain Beefheart inspired wailing banshee of a woman, with a furious ability to switch from noise to nothingness. Over the years, Harvey has transformed her image several times, mirroring her music, as it oscillates from pop to starker rock splutter. Here she is in Sarah Miles film, singing a version of the Three Degrees When Will I See You Again. In the background, two Japanese girls float across the West Country (home to both Miles and Harvey). The girls are vessels of homelessness and displacement. I like this invocation, from Julia Kristeva, which you'll see included in the notes to the film “We are all extraterrestrials suffering for want of home and love.” We are Other. We are others. We do not exist without being thought by others.

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