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Jackie Hatfield
I made pilgrimages to New York since 1985 when I had taken some sculptures to sell and on one of my trips, I made friends with the artist Ardele Lister (Headache; So Where's My Prince Already; Split; It Happens to the Best of Us), who introduced me to Erika Beckman, Martha Rosler and Nina Sobel during a Salon at her house in Brooklyn in 1993.

I was a novice at making moving images, but it was great to be party to some of the dialogues taking place at Ardele's, and I got to see works in progress from all of the women. I had loved Nina Sobel's work, after seeing Telemetric Drawings stills in Schneider and Korot's Video Art Anthology, and I visited Nina in her studio where she showed me documentation of works, and in particular the performance video Exhumed, which was a powerful lament for the loss of her daughter. I still remember this artwork, although I've seen it only once, because of Nina's raw emotional performance and the images of her. In the UK at that time it was hard to find electronic work with such intuitiveness of experiment; things seemed so much tighter in the world I was moving, but of course there was a scene at the London Filmmakers Coop, where Tanya Syed and Vicky Smith were involved with the technology and production facilities, and Laura Hudson the programming and curating. I was a contributing artist in Women on the Verge of Technology in 1994 which was a festival of 'robotics, electronic imaging, virtual and 3rd mind', and included Gina Czarnecki, Fran Jacobson, Marina Grzinic, Lis Rhodes, Ardele Lister, Kathleen Rogers and Judith Goddard's triptych electronic collage Garden of Earthly Delights. I was interested in the paradigms opened up by digital technologies, not as 'new' media, but within the tradition of experimental cinema, and since my works were shown in film and video festivals, I visited these and viewed new and historical expanded artworks. I was searching out electronic cinematic work such as Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki (their ideas about 'cinema of the body'); Gary Hill, Bill Viola; works by Tony Sinden and Housewatch, Tina Keane, Chris Hales, Keith Piper, Jill Scott, William Kentridge and Grahame Weinbren etc.

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