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Unknown Bodies

A standard advertisment compresses an entire dramatic structure to a matter of seconds. Andy Warhol's Empire (1964), in the other extreme, runs for 8 hrs. The killing of Lee Harvey Oswald was the first live mediated real-time event. Think of the assassination of JFK and your mind sees the Zapruder super 8 footage; a supplanted memory. The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World (Vincent Patouillard. 1970) runs to 48 hours, a plot-less stream of found footage. The Cure for Insomnia (John Henry Timmis IV. 1987), runs for 87 hours. Somebody once telephoned me and in fumbling broken English spoke of a three year long film she wanted to show me. At the total eclipse of the sun my video camera picked up someone commenting that, "It's like the lights going down in the cinema." The rectilinear glass frontage of the coffee shop in Lower Clapton appears as cinemascope, with all manner of yawns, grimaces and pans passing within its wide screen. Kiarostami says his car is his office, the place where he conceives of most of his work, staring out through the frame of the windscreen and finding: the cinema.

Still from London by Patrick Keiller (2003)
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