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Unknown Bodies

The cinema interacts with body and thought, with the social and the virtual. In Cassavette's A Woman Under the Influence a gang of workmen gather for an early morning meal around the character Mabel's table. One of them mistakenly proposes a toast, "To Gena!" Gena is in fact the actress Gena Rowlands, who is playing Mabel. "To Gena" the table chimes in chorus. Deleuze would call this hybrid person an intercessor, one who tries to emerge from the fiction into an actuality. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's video walks spin the participant into the disequilibrium that occurs between pre-recorded video and correspondent lived world. The camera in the hand delivers a slippage via flip-out screen, its pre-recorded image sometimes like, and sometimes most unlike, what the participant's eye can concurrently see. Long haul non-linear editors experience a phenomenon known as 'interfacing', where the cut-and-paste temporality of the editing time-line presents itself to the mind as a concurrent system, and exhausted editors find themselves attempting to slow and reverse traffic on their journey home, or copy and paste lost sections of conversation, in an oneiric configuration produced by a mind that wants to join actuality with video or film.

Still from A Portrait of Ga by Margaret Tait (1955)
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