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film and video a to z
still from Argument


A. McCall (1978)

A film intended to open up a discussion within the avant-garde about the problems and contradictions of avant-garde film practice.

still from Arrested Development

Arrested Development

G. Ndiritu (2003)

Using a simple image, Ndiritu attempts to transform the weighty issue of poverty into a testament to Africa's beauty and strength.

still from Arrows


S. Lahire (1984)

The body is the locus of politics, and of rhythm, and of a conscious desire as to how it may be the subject of films and media.

still from A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

V.Dick (1994)

A look at my family and the place where I grew up.

still from Associations


J. Smith (1975)

Images from magazines and colour supplements accompany a spoken text taken from Word Associations and Linguistic Theory by Herbert H Clark.

still from Assumption


P. Gidal (1997)

Glimpses of life at the London Film-makers' Co-op's former premises and a tribute to Mary Pat Leece.

still from A Study Of Relationships Between Inner And Outer Space

A Study Of Relationships Between Inner And Outer Space

D. Lamelas (1969)

still from Attitudes 1-8

Attitudes 1-8

K. Meynell (1999)

Attitudes 1-8 with Hayley Newman, were made in reference to Emma Hamilton's performances in Naples at the end of the eighteenth century.

still from Autobiographical Patterns

Autobiographical Patterns

Z. Sedira (1996)

Autobiographical Patterns refers to the practice, common to many Islamic countries, of henna-drawn hand designs.

still from Autumn Scenes

Autumn Scenes

W. Raban (1978)

A film of temporal and spatial dislocation in three parts.

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