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still from Calling Mr. Smith

Calling Mr. Smith

S. & F. Themerson (1943)

A document, a settlement of accounts, a forecast, a cry and a continuous stream of poetry. Urszula Czartoryska, 1981

still from Cast


S. Pucill (1999)

Cast creates a claustrophobic and haunting space where people and things invade worlds in which they do not normally belong.

still from Cast


E.Tan (2004/5)

still from Chair Film

Chair Film

G. Eatherley (1971)

Experimental representations of a chair.

still from Chameleon


T. Syed (1990)

A woman surfaces within an interior landscape where she is both trapped and contained.

still from Cling Film

Cling Film

A. Thew (1993)

A fast cut safer sex film which travels humorously through a catalogue of sexual encounters and mishaps.

still from Close to Home

Close to Home

N. Danino (1985)

There are two journeys and a resting place, a place of return.

still from Cold Draft

Cold Draft

L. Rhodes (1988)

It is dangerous to step out of line and lethal not to.

still from Colin


H. Lloyd (1996)

Colin moving abandoned rubbish around.

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