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film and video a to z
still from Damsel Jam

Damsel Jam

S. Miles (1992)

An organic documentary.

still from Das Pelzchen

Das Pelzchen

M. Curran (1997)

Michael Curran explores his obsession with Sacher-Masoch

still from Deck


G. Eatherley (1971)

An 8mm record of a voyage to Finland transformed by process.

still from Delilah


T. Syed (1995)

Located in the darkness, a place of no boundaries, Delilah is a 'meditation on violence', love and survival.

still from The Desert People

The Desert People

D. Lamelas (1974)

still from Desert Rose

Desert Rose

C. Swann (1996)

A chilling account of the after effects suffered by the 'down-winders' from the Nevada Desert nuclear testing site.

still from Deviant Beauty

Deviant Beauty

T. Keane (1996)

'An androgynous woman's surreal journey through the carnivalesque.'

still from Diagonal


W. Raban (1973)

A double-exposed flickering rectangle of light, sliding diagonally in-and-out of frame.

still from Disclaimer


M. Curran (1993)

A questioning of the motivations behind recording another person's image on video.

still from Don't do to her what you did to me

Don't do to her what you did to me

Z. Sedira (1998/2001)

One sees a close-up shot of a glass being filled with water.

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