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still from Hang on a Minute/ Much Madness

Hang on a Minute/ Much Madness

L. Rhodes (1983)

Dangerous because they say so?

still from Hang on a Minute/ Swing Song

Hang on a Minute/ Swing Song

L. Rhodes (1983)

From Hiroshima to Hackney

still from Hannah's Song

Hannah's Song

K. Meynell (1987)

'The first community we ever join: mother and baby.'

still from Haroldinho


H. Offeh (2003)

Haroldinho, "Little Harold", is a persona created and performed by Harold Offeh in response to his experiences of Rio de Janeiro.

still from Hilda was a Goodlooker

Hilda was a Goodlooker

A. Thew (1986)

A deconstructed featurette, using the sound of my mother's voice.

still from Hit


S. Croft (2003)

Two characters played by three actors are caught in a circle of shifting identities and noirish deception.

still from Hoi Polloi

Hoi Polloi

A. Kötting (1990)

The modern day equivalent of the dadaist film

still from Horror Film 1

Horror Film 1

M. Le Grice (1971)

Film performance and shadow play.

still from Hub Bub in the Baöbabs

Hub Bub in the Baöbabs

A. Kötting (1989)

Set in the mythological land of 'man-eating' trees, we watch as the author wanders aimlessly amongst the forest

still from Hugh MacDiarmid- A Portrait

Hugh MacDiarmid- A Portrait

M. Tait (1964)

Tait's affectionate portrait of Scotland's great poet

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