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film and video a to z
still from I Can't Make You Love Me

I Can't Make You Love Me

B. Beban (2003)

A woman who refuses to speak any other language except for the language of love.

still from I Cat

I Cat

J. Parker (1980)

A backbone is sometimes a fish. An animated film.

still from I Love You

I Love You

S. Miles (1990)

'A fugitive feminist in fur.'

still from Inscribe


A. Tallentire (1994-1995)

Performance and video transmitted as live performance via ISDN

still from Installed Film 1

Installed Film 1

T. Syed (2000)

As the blue and white, cold Norwegian landscape moves slowly across, this meditation is interrupted by quick and sporadic shots of husky dogs running past.

still from Instances


A. Tallentire (1999)

One part of a video-performance cycle enacting a series of unrehearsed tasks.

still from Interview with a nuclear contract worker

Interview with a nuclear contract worker

M. Waller (1999)

The character under interview is an extra from Glow Boys. Here he weaves a complex narration of his experience on the film set, shifting between his work in the reactor and his analysis of the 'nuclear racket'.

still from Introduction to Summer

Introduction to Summer

C. Elwes (1991)

A one-shot one-minute embrace between a male hand and its female counterpart.

still from Island Race

Island Race

W. Raban (1996)

An examination of the post industrial landscape of London's East End

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