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film and video a to z
still from Maddy and Kate

Maddy and Kate

H. Lloyd (1999)

Maddy and Kate unrolling a large ball of twine.

still from Magnesium Bird

Magnesium Bird

S. Biswas (2004)

Made in the eighteenth-century walled garden at the stately home of Harewood House in Leeds.

still from Magnificent Ray

Magnificent Ray

S. Miles (2000)

Magnificent Ray explores the western by focusing on gender relations in a confluence of dream movie genre and everyday life.

still from Mantra


J. Iljon (1976)

A dance/animation film.

still from Man With Mirror

Man With Mirror

G. Sherwin (1976 (2006))

The filmmaker's live interaction with his on-screen image which is projected onto a hand-held mirrored screen.

still from May 98

May 98

B. Beban (1998)

About Breda Beban's unfortunate habit of falling down in front of historical buildings representing institutionalised power.

still from Messages


G. Sherwin (1981-3)

A response to my young daughter's discovery of language and to her questions about the world.

still from MFV Maureen

MFV Maureen

R. Haselden (1975)

6 screen projection of a fishing trawler out in the North Sea.

still from MiddleSea


Z. Sedira (2008)

In MiddleSea a central character travels on a ferry between Marseille and Algiers.

still from Mirrored Measure

Mirrored Measure

S. Pucill (1996)

Two women, separated by a generation, suggest a mother-daughter relationship; both are connected as one, and disconnected at the same time.

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