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film and video a to z
still from Rococo 55

Rococo 55

S. Croft (2002)

Sex, violence and Modernism amidst a group of Wild West porn actors, a male escort and four Samaritans.

still from Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

Rome Video: Can You Tell Me Where To Get Off?

K. Meynell (2003)

still from Room Film 1973

Room Film 1973

P. Gidal (1973)

"The film is not a translation of anything, it is not a representation of anything, not even of consciousness." -P.G.

still from Rootless Cosmopolitans

Rootless Cosmopolitans

R. Novaczek (1990)

A mother and her wayward daughter, two women on a roof, and a set of wry stories.

still from Running Light

Running Light

L. Rhodes (1996)

A series of entrances without an exit.

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