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film and video a to z
still from Salamander


T. Syed (1994)

The film is set in a fast food take-away, at a roundabout where the excess of traffic, light and sound forces us into dream space.

still from Saphir


Z. Sedira (2006)

Saphir plays out a developing dialogue between the sea – as site of both connection and separation – the two protagonists and the colonial hotel Es Safir.

still from Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey

A. Mogg (1977)

The first part of the film is in colour and consists of arguments about how to make films and what film to make.

still from Seven Days

Seven Days

C. Welsby (1974)

still from Shapes


A. Nicolson (1970)

'...the kind of floating quality you can get, images suspended in light.'

still from Sheherazade


D. Lamelas (1980)

David Lamelas plays 'the sheik' in an interview with interviewer Barbara Rothschild (Hildegarde Duane) at his luxurious house in Beverley Hills, LA.

still from Short Film Series

Short Film Series

G. Sherwin (1975-1998)

An interconnected set of 3 minute films, in which the structure of each one becomes apparent through the process of watching

still from Shot Through

Shot Through

E.Tan (2008)

still from Sick As A Dog

Sick As A Dog

I. Bourn (1989)

The downward spiral of a dog racing gentleman.

still from Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy

Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy

M. Le Grice (1986-9)

A series of nine short video 'songs'..

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