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still from Strong Women

Strong Women

J. Parker (2000)

Two contrasting portraits of magnificently strong women.

still from Studio


H. Lloyd (2007)

Paint patterns on a studio floor.

still from Subjective Tick-Tocks

Subjective Tick-Tocks

J. Smith (1975)

The ticking pattern of a clock is perceived subjectively - it can be heard as 'tick-tock/tick-tock' or 'tick-tock-tick/tick-tock-tick' etc.

still from Suis une ombre vivante (I am a living shadow)

Suis une ombre vivante (I am a living shadow)

A. K├Âtting (2006)

still from Summer Diary

Summer Diary

J. Smith (1976-7)

A view from a window becomes the locus for a series of visual and verbal descriptions of the past and present.

still from Sun


H. Lloyd (2002)

The sun reflecting on a pond.

still from Sundial


W. Raban (1992)

Raban's homage to the bankrupt Canary Wharf Tower.

still from Sunset Strips

Sunset Strips

W. Raban (1975)

A multi-viewpointed image of an ash tree in bud.

still from Suntable


R. Haselden (2001)

A sequence of stills images are cross faded over time. Sunlight enters a kitchen window and falls on the surface of a wooden table.

still from Suntrap


K. Meynell (1998)

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