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still from A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy

V.Dick (1994)

A look at my family and the place where I grew up.

still from Skipping


M. Curran (1994)

Performace as endurance

still from Sky Light

Sky Light

C. Welsby (1986)

still from Slides


A. Nicolson (1971)

'A chance to see/create by movement, a kind of dance between the printer and myself.'

still from Smart Alek

Smart Alek

A. K├Âtting (1993)

still from Smile


H. Offeh (2001)

Smile arose in part as a response to a work by Vito Acconci and in part a literal translation of the song Smile, written by Charlie Chaplin and, in this case, sung by Nat King Cole.

still from Some Friends (apart)

Some Friends (apart)

S. Dwoskin (2002)

A film about friendship.

still from Spool


A. Tallentire (2002)

Collaborative work with John Seth as work-seth/tallentire

still from Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater

N. Danino (1990)

Stabat Mater is a devotional piece, a short oración.

still from Static Acceleration

Static Acceleration

D. Critchley (1976)

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