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still from Still Life: White Textiles

Still Life: White Textiles

G. Ndiritu (2005/2007)

One of a four part series Still Life.

still from Stock Exchange - Women's Peace Action

Stock Exchange - Women's Peace Action

A. Nicolson (1983)

Groups of women lie down on each of the roads leading into the Stock Exchange. Financial centre of the city brought to a halt.

still from Stone Garden

Stone Garden

T. Syed (1999)

The images in this video are edited to the complete CD sound track of "Film". The original idea is to create an image track to accompany the sound, thus turning the image sound bias on its head.

still from Stooky Bill TV

Stooky Bill TV

D. Hall (1990)

First TV, first interruption, first illusion, dummy illusion, double illusion, the grand illusion, dummy TV... A Channel 4 commission

still from Stream Line

Stream Line

C. Welsby (1976)

A continuous, "real time" tracking shot of a stream bed.

still from Sun


H. Lloyd (2002)

The sun reflecting on a pond.

still from Superpower - Dakar Chapter

Superpower - Dakar Chapter

M. Waller (2004)

A science fiction documentary shot entirely in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, West Africa.

still from Swan


A. Syed (1986)

still from The Swing

The Swing

T. Keane (1978)

The image 'she' from girlhood to womanhood.

still from Swollen Stigma

Swollen Stigma

S. Pucill (1998)

Swollen Stigma nourishes the fantasy of its protagonist's inner life and proposes a lesbian imaginary which takes leap into risk and displacement.

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