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film and video a to z
still from The Invention of Dr.Morel

The Invention of Dr.Morel

D. Lamelas (2000)

'For us left behind. There will only be this moment over and over and over, only we won't remember it. It will always be new.'

still from The Island Bell

The Island Bell

K. Meynell (2001)

This is a single-screen video version of a work originally commissioned by Diffusion as an online publication for their 'performance notation' series.

still from The Liaison Officer

The Liaison Officer

C. Elwes (1997)

A journey through Northern France to visit the people and places her father never talked about.

still from The Light at the Edge of a Nightmare

The Light at the Edge of a Nightmare

D. Lamelas (2003)

still from The Loss Leader

The Loss Leader

S. Croft (2000)

Three actors star in a series of fake car commercials and a cinematic psycho-narrative.

still from The Nations Finest

The Nations Finest

K. Piper (1990)

still from The News

The News

A. Course (2004)

I'm lost without news.

still from The Perfect City

The Perfect City

K. Piper (2007)

''The Perfect City''embodies the chronicler through the narrator.

still from The Pits

The Pits

D. Critchley (2000)

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