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still from The Sons of Temperance

The Sons of Temperance

M. Waller (2000)

The Sons of Temperance is a journey into a dark sphere of information retrieval; the search for interpretation.

still from The Streets of...

The Streets of...

S. Marshall (1979)

Produced in San Francisco and Brighton. A tape about the representations of an American city produced by a television series, tourist photographs, guide books, travelogues and news reports.

still from The Swing

The Swing

T. Keane (1978)

The image 'she' from girlhood to womanhood.

still from This Filthy Earth

This Filthy Earth

A. Kötting (2001)

Partly based on Emile Zola's classic novel, 'La Terre'.

still from Threshold


M. Le Grice (1972)

An exploration of the possibilities of colour-shift and image permutation..

still from To the Dairy

To the Dairy

A. Nicolson (1975)

A last look.

still from Trees in Winter

Trees in Winter

C. Welsby (2006)

Shot in "portrait" frame the projected image shows a large leafless tree, back-lit against a stormy winter sky.

still from Trellick Tower

Trellick Tower

R. Haselden (1997)

still from Trialogue


D. Critchley (1977)

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