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Lux main site

LUXONLINE is a web resource for exploring British based artists’ film and video in-depth.

Luxonline is the single most extensive publicly available resource devoted to British film and video artists. Streaming video clips, new writings, past articles and biographies provide a comprehensive contextual background to the artists featured on the site.

Browse Luxonline’s unique content by artist, work title, or by exploring themes such as abstraction and installation. The site also features a historical timeline of key events in artists’ film and video from 1900- present day, and virtual tours created by leading curators and writers.

LUXONLINE is a project of LUX, it was funded and developed between 2004-2009. It is currently not being updated. We hope to raise funds for further developments of this resource in the future but we hope it still remains a useful resource. For up to date information about LUX artists works see the LUX Collection section of the main LUX website.

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Extract from Key (1968) by Peter Gidal

This month's featured artist is Zineb Sedira.
Download video interviews with Luxonline artists.
Gill Addison on the work of Sarah Miles.
Artist Emma Hedditch explores women's film & video art in Britain.
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