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Eating Grass

Alia Syed
23 mins colour 16mm/video

Eating Grass

Space, as the place of the "hidden treasure" of the house, is enclosed by shape, just as in man the body encloses the soul which encompasses the spirit. Walls are thus a prerequisite for defining and isolating this sacred place within which the soul can be sensed and its spiritual quest fulfilled." Sense of Unity - The Sufi Tradition in Persian ArchitectureNader Ardalan laleh Bakhtiar

Shadows trigger memories, memories relate to the times of day, the times of day to Muslim prayer.. Eating Grass fuses a kaleidoscope of past and present, the personal and beautiful in colours of red, gold, purple, white and deep indigo.A meditative film that places the beauty of fleeting experience above all else: its joys are not of conventional storytelling. This film relishes in the sites and materials from which it was made: a buzzing market in Karachi, a wet London city street, flowing material. It fascinates with how the photographs 'move,' and how the colours dance. It compels with its transformation of real moments in the past: captured, reproduced, layered and arranged.

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