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Hoi Polloi

Andrew Kötting
1 min/10 mins Colour/Black & White Video/Super 8mm

Hoi Polloi

Comissioned by the Arts Council and BBC2's The Late Show for their One Minute Television collection, Hoi Polloi demonstrates the enigmatic potential of the appearance of a brief, fragmentary avantgarde film in the context of a general arts programme. The modern day equivalent of the dadaist film Entr'acte (also made to be shown between performances), Kötting manages to hint at epic themes and existential quandaries while refusing to impose any overall meaning to the work.

"Sense is missing, but Kotting has managed to hint at some epic themes - the woman travelling over hill and stream with her belongings in search of god-knows-what: a Christlike figure is crucified. The mix of black and white, the images of scudding clouds, of feet in water, thewheezing music on the soundtrack enhance the charm and mystery of the film - the baby's face confirms its innocent spirit." - Simon Field, ICA.

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