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Shanghai Frolic

Andrew Kötting
Colour video projection, CD, book

Haut Parleur (Loud Speaker)

Shanghai Frolic began during the summer of 2004 whilst I was living in China. The installation is made up of three component parts: the first is a video projection, the second a CD and the third a Book.

The first is a two-screen projection. On one screen a glorious panoramic view of Shanghai slowly disintegrates as a violent storm builds whilst on the other, a camera zooms into the apartments and nocturnal lives of the city dwellers as they go about their private business.

The second is a CD of sound recordings made using a small Dictaphone whilst cycling in a straight line along the 8 points of a compass. The banging and drilling of building construction, the hooting and tooting of traffic, the whistling and shouting of people and the screeching of wildlife are all captured as well as my own musings and contemplations. (I also stumbled across an abandoned teach-yourself-English cassette and this works its way onto the CD.) The sounds from the CD run on a loop and inform the video projections.

The third is a Book in which I have extracted my musings and contemplations from the original recordings and translated them into Mandarin, (pictographic symbols of spoken words) as well as into Rebus, (a simple pictographic text-based symbol system used for people with communication problems in the West). It is designed to read as a stream of consciousness. A.K.

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