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Agrigento, Temples of Juno I, II

Anna Thew
4 mins colour 16mm
double screen

Agrigento, Temples of Juno I, II

Theatre of Greek temples, Agrigento, Sicily, filmed at 6.30 a.m.

Inscriptions, graffiti scratched into fichi d'India, (prickly pears). sequence of columns encircled by patterns of olive groves and oleander. Dario (ti voglio bene) - Clytemnestra - a lizard darts over three frames - accompanied by the sound of crickets and muttered tragedy.Thoughts for Jocasta nine years on.

Blown up to 16mm, 1999. Sound and edit as double screen, 2000.

Double 16mm projection, Bay 67, Westway, 2002.

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