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Bartók in Budapest - Western Station

Anna Thew
5 mins colour umatic video

Bartók in Budapest - Western Station

A fortuitous staccato flashing rhythm is given to the single framing of Eiffel's iron latticework in Western Station, Budapest in, Bartók Budapesten - A Nyugati Pályaudvar.

I love Bartók. A Hungarian psychiatrist Zsolt, sent me records of the Mikrokosmos and Hungarian gypsy music. For years I had this disc with Bartók's wife playing. I was so excited landing in Budapest. December. Snow. The grey Danube. The lights. I carried Hungarian music with me in my head. Western Station Budapest was designed by Gustave Eiffel of Paris Tower fame and is filmed here with the single frame device of my camera shutter jamming in the icy cold. This interrupted the 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3 Bartók tune which was running through my fingers but gave a fortuitous staccato flashing rhythm to the single framing of Eiffel's iron latticework. Accompanied by a crackly old record of Bartók's Violin and Piano Concerto.

First shown at Pandæmonium Festival, ICA, London,1996 with Kurt Kren 's Viennese film, and David Rimmer's Tiger.

Originated on Super 8, Hungary/U.K,1994/5, re-mastered on Umatic video,1996

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