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Anna Thew
30 minutes
multi-screen installation and performance


The problematics of translation from one language to another, are compared to the last of a bout of boxing.

"Do we, don't I, this performance, which you might not see as I see it, who said I, you, hear it as I hear it, tinkers with the vagaries, no... the not literally taken problematics of translation from one language to another, one to another said, mine to yours, whose? Clutching at the confines of Anyform... as if I'd have it if it were anyway... a shape, a sound, rumpled, a shadow so there so nothing, will come of it, sweat, grapple, let this last drop go. The last of a bout of boxing... all cheer."
Summer Show catalogue1983.

"Two 100ft 16mm film loops ran the length of the Musicians' Collective space, connecting two projectors physically, to two canvases, suspended like wafers, with lipsticked mouths in colour on one screen, and black and white images of words, texts and equations on the other. The film-maker on a video monitor, raps verbal explanation, reparative voice over and/or commentary, changing her hat for each change in language, for this is an irreverent multi-lingual piece impishly concealing texts of renown (da Vinci, Tzara etc). A Kabuki howl cues brief live action, a shadow of an embrace and strangulation (evidently melodrama in early cinema); a bout of boxing; a mathematical (the ultimate language?) recitation delivered in the film light, from an imaginary cat walk by Ms Thew and Mr Pig, resplendent in evening dresses." M.J.L.
London Filmmakers' Co-operative Distribution Catalogue, 1983.

Installation with two 100ft 16mm film loops, Umatic video, mobile Super 8, and live performance at the London Musicians' Collective with Charlie Pig and Anna Thew as Boxers and Mathematicians, 1983, and Osnabrück Experimental Film Workshop with Padeluun, then with Lukas Schmied and Caspar Stracke, 1987.

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