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Broken Pieces (II) for the Co-operative

Anna Thew
35 mins colour 16mm
double screen

Broken Pieces (II) for the Co-operative

The spirit of the London Film Co-op lives on in this multi-screen assemblage of 16mm diary reels and S8 blow ups dedicated to the delight and freedom of the old railway building in Gloucester Avenue, Camden...

with rapid rhythm single frames, calligraphic handheld camera, Warholesque portraits of Scorpio with his Paradjanov-like constructions, and painter friends, Steve and Peter on the Art of Cinema in their house of pure Merz in Brixton...

BROKEN PIECES II begins with uncut diary footage of the demolished Film Co-op building in Gloucester Avenue, in May and June 2000. The right screen was filmed one week before the left screen, which shows the old cinema wall filmed from the top of a digger. Superimposed in the Bolex over the second reel, are clips from avant-garde movies we saw there... from Lumiére to Deren to Fischinger to Genet, ending with Anne Rees-Mogg (diarist, film-maker and former 'L.F.M.C. Chairperson') and her film family, with Betty Boop refusing a false gem *...(* the LUX)

RAMBLAS RAMBLAS conjures the spirit of the eighties, using single frame, auto zoom and macro Super 8 blown up to 16m on the optical printer. A twin screen syncopation down the Ramblas ends in a whirling Sagrada Famiglia finale, to the dulcet vibrato of '40's Flamenco vocals by Juanito Varea.

MACHINE PARTS consists of four b/w optically printed S8 diary reels showing Steve Farrer and juggling friends on a Norfolk beach with his rotating camera the 'Machine' in slo mo and fast mo, followed by NOT NOZZE, printed to a dizzying stop frame/zoom in/zoom out recipe, from a nineties S8 colour reel of Franko's wedding, with glimpses of Chris Ofili, Reuben Murray and Ra's red hair. The classic soundtrack is from an eighties Network 21 pirate radio transmission by Anna Thew and Bruno de Florence with news of a harlot's arraignment for murder in 1536... n.b. inclusion of MACHINE PARTS, NOT NOZZE is optional.

N.Y/S. TATTOO- Steve Moore's L.O.V.E. tattoos and peach blossoms in Tuscany exchange skies with New York's skyline filmed from Isaac Julien's loft window and the streets of Manhattan, before 9/11 and before Martin was diagnosed. The sound is from S and Peter limbering up to talk on the Art of Cinema...

MARIO MONTAGE - underground star footage of Mario (broken teeth with hand coloured rose and mantilla) Montez, is optically re-filmed, slowed, speeded, freeze-framed and tinted so I could have two of him spinning longer... Mario overkill set to music pillaged from a twenties underground Japanese movie track.

16mm reels shot in the style of Super 8 - 2000:
SCORPIO, ex-lover of underground gallerist Lauren Maben, with his piercings and Paradjanov like constructions of bones and crystals, talks about Lauren's rough edge inspiration and fouled up funeral, from portraits of friends for the Drift. Complemented on the right screen with red flare outs, yellow autumn leaves, b/w fin de siècle Genovese tombs in Staglieno cemetery, Corsican boulders, sun bursts across the lens and a tropical moon.

Steve and Peter on the Art of Cinema
Warholesque dialogue runs with this reel of pure Merz,with Steve and Peter's collaged rooms in Brixton rapidly re-collaged in camera. Joe d'Alessandro and Samuel Beckett mix with Michelangelo's God creating Adam... and cross screens with waterfalls and dream rain forests.

Unwinding to the Argentinian composer Alejandro Viñao, "repetition, repetition. ... so you can hear the eye of the listener...", single frames of Palermo fruit mark the end of a Super 8 journey to Siracusa via Messina from SICILIA CANTAR.

programme notes for Broken Pieces(II), European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück 2001, MM Centar, Zagreb and Galeria Otók, Dubrovnik, 2002, L'ALTERNATIVA, Centro Contemporaneo de Cultura Barcelona, 2002.

Broken Pieces(II) for the Co-operative was funded from £10,000 Criminal Injuries Compensation, awarded for scarring and mental injury, from the Casson attack.

"Anna T cuts the edge of dv dinge with a kaleidoscope of wide-screen projection…

Stars cut ups from Mario Montage and other colourfully optical printed films from Anna's cans, new 16mm takes of Scorpio:
Paradjanov like constructions, of Steve Moore and Peter who inhabit a world of merz collage, and of film superimpositions over the bulldozed and abandoned London film-makers' co-operative in Gloucester Avenue - to the multiple screen delights and freedom of which building, these broken pieces are dedicated".
(LUX flier 2000)

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