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Hvratski Framed

Anna Thew
12 mins colour 16 mm

Hvratski Framed

document of a visit to Zagreb and Dubrovnik to show Broken Pieces.

Part of a film cycle, separated by intertitles, with sound layers recorded on location, the squeal of trams interrupted by shouts of children, foreign tongues, strains of solo music.

Reel 1 - the MM Centar. The derelict circular theatre, the cafe through blue slats, red and black insects. Dereliction wherever I can find it collaged on the diagonal. Ivan Paiç and Martin turn to the camera.

Reel 2 - Brightening a rainy day, coloured umbrellas circulate, dotted here and there in fast motion, exiting and entering trams in the square far below. Trams criss cross the screen in multiple superimposition, coming closer and closer (for the love of Vertov). Lettering, buildings. flower markets, cathedral spires, plastic legs, single frames and socks a dance...

Reel 3 - I am a wanderer through the narrow streets of the walled mediaeval town of Dubrovnik, walls, grilles, knickers drying, fortress plunging deep into the Adriatic. The strain of children's voices and violin practice from the academy filter through dark passageways; resonate and spiral to the acoustic of old stone walls. Graffiti.

Reel 4 - church walls pock marked by bullets and grenades are testimony to the too recent conflict. Long shadows stretch in the late evening sun across white stone squares, polished and gleaming from the wear of centuries. Birds soar overhead. A child runs past. There is a grenade on the ledge of the bathroom in the house where we are staying.

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