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L.F.M.C Demolition

Anna Thew
10 mins colour 16 mm

L.F.M.C Demolition

The peeling screen, demolished doorways, the old café and film archive are a pile of rubble haunted by a mirage of flickering frames.

A single screen film commissioned for the Century of Artists' Film at Tate Britain 2003 - 04, combining documentary footage from the opening of the double screen expanded film, Broken Pieces for the Co-operative, and sounds from the London Musicians' Collective, with David Toop, Carlyle Reedy, Paul Burwell, Peter Cusack, Max Eastley, Kazuko Hohki, the Frank Chickens, Steve Beresford, Christina Munro, Terry Day, Clive Bell, plus Respighi, Len Lye, Identical - Steve Thrower, Gavin Mitchell and Orlando Harrison. Assemblage, Anna Thew.

Two uncut reels shown side by side, at the start of Broken Pieces with simple railway sounds recorded on location, were intercut with fresh super-impositions over titles using the old Co-op stencils on a railway wall in Camden, (still to be seen at the back of Kings Cross), scratch inter-titles, and stroboscopic credits cross cut with old Cinema programmes, to make a single screen film.

Members of the Musicians' Collective were asked to contribute twenty seconds of sound or music recorded in and around the Gloucester Avenue building. Many contributed generously. There are over 100 sound fragments from musicians' recordings, and optical film sound tracks. It took over eight hours to mix eight minutes of mostly percussive sound. True to collage style, it was cut, laid and mixed on 16mm magnetic (full coat). Rhythmic fragments, triple layered stop frame titles and in camera super-impositions of movies that we saw there, from Léger to Richter to Jack Smith to Betty Boop, now resonate to a myriad of sounds from the LMC and LFMC. So the spirit of the underground lives on...

In memory of the old railway building in Gloucester Avenue which was home to the London Film-makers' Co-operative and London Musicians' Collective for more than twenty years.

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