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Machine Parts and Portraits

Anna Thew
8 mins b/w 16 mm

Machine Parts and Portraits

for Steve

b/w S8 to 16mm document of Steve Farrer filming with his 35mm rotating cine camera, The Machine (1000ft with no frame lines) on a Norfolk beach.

with appearances by friends/film-makers/performers, Cristiano (Gambe Isterix), juggling in slow motion, Martin Angel in reverse, George Saxon looking through the lens, and Steve Farrer cranking the Machine (camera).

Sound from a 1988 Network 21 pirate radio transmission by Anna Thew and Bruno de Florence, including Mutke, Gallas, Duras, Bartók, Gino Paolo with readings from Duchamp's notes to the Large Glass, and news from 1536 from Criminal Law, "A harlot was arraigned of murder at Chester Assizes".

Mix B de F/Thew.

Optical blow up and stretch print to 16mm for the opening of Villa Capriglio, Turin, hosted by I Leonardi, 2000. 7272 print stock courtesy of Kodak. Super 8 original shown at MOMA, Oxford, for Steve Farrer's 35mm installation, Against the Steady Stare.

Eighties S8 blow up to 16mm, 1999.

Stills Rachel Thew. Camera, optical print and cut Anna Thew.

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